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Last year around June 2009 I began taking the pills, until November. I lost like around 35lbs. You feel great when taking the pills, you feel cleaner and much lighter. The pills do give you loose stools, because it's cleaning you'r whole body. A few weeks after I started my whole body ached, but in the paper that comes in the box it says this, and it's because it's extracting all the accumulated fat. I stopped taking it because I got a new job and wouldn't have too many chances to visit the restroom. It is now August and I still have not gained a single pound That I lost. I have still been eating everything. I have struggled with my weight forever specially after having my children. I Just started taking the pills again because I want to lose more pounds, so wish me luck. I really recommend this product because it is natural and it helps those people suffering from weight loss and common health problems such as diabetes.

- Jannet, August 2010

I am amazed at the results I have recieved from taking this product.  I started taking Demograss after seeing the results on a friend.  I am 5 ft 3 inches and weighed 165 pounds and a size 12 pants.  Today 3 months later I wear a size 4 pants and weight a healthy 134 pounds.  I wish I would have measured my body before I started because it is totally differnt now that what it was before.  I have always had "saddle bags" on my legs and as of today I have great more saddle bags or long shirts to cover them up!  Thank you, Thank you Thank you!  I am passing this information onto my friends and family that need help in losing weight.

- Danielle, November 2010



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