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How to take Demograss...

Every individual is different and will experience different results when using Demograss products. Follow the indications presented below to start using Demograss. You may see results right away or it may take up to two months; but be patient, and continue taking Demograss to see results.

See your physician before starting any weight-loss treatment or any diets.

How do I take it?

Treatment Effects

In regular organisms, you should take one capsule a day after breakfast. You should take it with a glass of tomato juice or orange juice.

If you suffer low blood pressure or you're a nervous person, take one capsule every other day along with a multi-vitamin.

If you just want to reduce cellulite, you should take one pill every 4 days.

Do not exceed the recommended dose or combine Demograss with any other weight loss aid.

Even when you're not hungry, you should eat 3 times a day and drink plenty of liquids, minimum of 2 liters (64 oz) per day, orange juice or tomato juice is recommended and at least one banana a day.

Eat fruits and potassium rich foods since as your body detoxes the potassium level in your body usually decreases and has to be replaced naturally to prevent renal insufficiency.

Before you start using Demograss you should weigh yourself and measure your waist, hips, bust/chest, arms, and thighs so you can compare and measure your achievements.

If you are under 18, pregnant or nursing you should not take Demograss capsules. Also if you have had surgery in the last 3 months you should not take Demograss capsules.

Some treatment effects could be dizziness, constipation, loose stools, sleepiness, and nauseas and in some cases vomit. Some of the treatment effects are most commonly caused by eating meals with too much fat while using Demograss capsules and can be manageable when you follow a low-fat diet.

If treatment effects continue for more than a week, you should take one capsule every other day until your body gets used to Demograss, then continue with one capsule daily until desired weight is attained.

If you feel sleepy you should take Demograss after dinner.  I you feel a boost of energy take Demograss after breakfast.

Eating a low-fat and potassium rich diet can lower the chance of experiencing these treatment effects.

You can also feel muscle pain, like if you did a lot of exercise, this is completely normal. This pain is because the fat that you are about to lose is detaching from your body. Then you can also feel little lumps and this is the fat that is gathering to be released later. 

Maintenace Plan once you've reached your desired weight.

Maintenance Plan

1st bottle: 1 capsule every 5 days
2nd bottle: 1 capsule every 10 days
3rd bottle: 1 capsule every 15 days